Strategic Plan 2024

Strategic planning is a process that an organization goes through to clearly articulate goals and the actions necessary to achieve those goals, resulting in a document called a strategic plan.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has over a decade long history with strategic planning.

The most recent plan was Strategic Plan 2018: For a Better Tomorrow. This plan launched in 2013 and will end in June 2018. Over the past 5 years, CMS has achieved some significant milestones.

Graduation rate steadily increased and reached an all-time high of 89.6% in 2017. Our image and reputation across the nation remains strong – we’re consistently recognized as one of the top three large urban school-districts in the country. With good reason: We consistently outperform other large districts such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Denver on the National Assessment of Educational Progress in math, science and reading.

Although we are proud of what has been accomplished to date, there is still much work that needs to be done and areas where we can improve. We are at a pivotal point in our district as we close out Strategic Plan 2018 and focus our efforts on Strategic Plan 2024. That plan must include a strategic vision and specific changes that will make us more effective and more efficient. That will allow us to improve outcomes and experiences for our students while creating an environment and a culture where each of you will be proud to work.

Work began last summer on the creation of Strategic Plan 2024 and will continue over the next months. We encourage you to check back here often for information and to see progress updates.

Strategic Plan Development

We have developed a 5-step approach to the creation of Strategic Plan 2024. This allows us to be thorough in gaining a complete understanding of where we are as an organization and develop the necessary steps to reach our goals.


Where are we now?

Evaluation of the organization to provide an “as is” snapshot of operational and academic effectiveness and efficiencies


Where do we want to be?

Identification of the long-term vision for the organization and the key levers for success


How do we get there?

Understand root cause between current and desired state of the organization. Outline strategies and initiatives


How will we know success?

Verify success metrics and ensure alignment to long-term outcomes


How will we track progress?

Implement a comprehensive performance management system to monitor and track success

Development Activities


  • Internal engagement
  • Operational SWOT analysis
  • Instructional feedback
  • Non-instructional feedback


  • Long-term outcomes
  • Key levers
  • Outcomes
  • Objectives
  • Community engagement


  • Root-cause analysis
  • Best practice research
  • Strategy identification
  • Initiative development


  • Metric verification
  • Alignment to long-term outcomes
  • Year 1 priorities


  • Performance management implementation
  • On-going monitoring and tracking